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NATIVE INSTRUMENTS MASCHINE Mikro 2 Black Groove Production Controller & Software

NATIVE INSTRUMENTS MASCHINE Mikro 2 Black Groove Production Controller & Software
SKU: 162694 Catalog #: 21931

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Compact Groove Production Studio

MASCHINE MIKRO is the compact groove production system for tactile, creative beatmaking with an acclaimed sound library.
- Perfect entry into hands-on beatmaking
- Sampler, arranger, mixer, effects, and more
- Includes Maschine 2.0 software, instruments, and new drum synths

This is Maschine Mikro
MASCHINE MIKRO is the perfect entry into the world of MASCHINE. All the power and flexibility of MASCHINE’s pattern-based sequencer, high-performance sampler, exemplary drum synths, incredible suite of pro studio instruments and effects, and acclaimed sound library in a compact, budget-friendly package.

MASCHINE MIKRO is the compact groove production system, combining software and hardware in perfect harmony. Get hands-on control of all-new MASCHINE 2.0 software in an ultra-portable package that fits into any setup or budget. Add new dimension to your project with MASCHINE MIKRO’s intuitive, groovebox workflow. And because software can be easily updated, MASCHINE 2.0 will always keep you on the cutting edge of technology, pushing your creativity further than you ever thought possible.

MASCHINE’s hardware delivers incredible tactile control and visual feedback.

1. Highly-sensitive, multi-color pads: Trigger sounds, create rhythms, change patterns and scenes featuring true-white LEDs, velocity, and aftertouch.
2. Push Encoder: Get hands on control of a multitude of software functions from one intuitive push encoder. 3. Group button: Switch between groups directly on the hardware. Create unlimited groups with MASCHINE 2.0 software.
3. Group button: Switch between groups directly on the hardware. Create unlimited groups with MASCHINE 2.0 software.
4. Transport controls: Play, record, loop, and more.
5. (referring to the back panel) Kensington lock socket.

Hands-on Workflow
MASCHINE MIKRO is the perfect entry into intuitive groove production. Start working on the hardware and the workflow quickly becomes part of your muscle memory. Devote all your time to making the music you want to make, not learning the tools you use to make it. MASCHINE MIKRO lets you trigger sounds with hardware immediacy, keeping you locked in the creative flow.

Advanced Processing
MASCHINE 2.0 makes you faster. A top-of-the-line audio engine saves resources while delivering the highest audio quality possible. Advanced multi-core technology runs multiple processes in parallel, dividing complex tasks between your computer’s cores. Run more plug-ins. Mix with ease. Load up even more sounds on unlimited groups, and so much more. The result is the most responsive, fluid, and musical MASCHINE software ever.

Groove Companion
MASCHINE MIKRO provides intuitive, tactile control for composing, sampling, performing, slicing, and more. Renowned multi-color pads provide ultimate feel in the thick of the beat. MIKRO’s compact size and bus-powered operation mean you’re in control no matter where you are. And with incredible MASCHINE 2.0 software, you get full MASCHINE power that follows you to the furthest reaches of your creativity.

Browse any project, group, sound, instrument, effect or sample easily with MASCHINE MIKRO’s intuitive layout. Find your sounds fast with MASCHINE 2.0’s tag-based attribute browser. Load KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects with ultra-clear product icon views in the software. And when you’re head-deep in sound design, MASCHINE MIKRO lets you tag your own sounds and samples for lightning-fast retrieval later – fast, complete immersion in your personal sound world.

The Mixer
Polish your tracks to perfection with the professional audio mixer in MASCHINE 2.0. Tweak volume, pan, solo or mute with ultimate ease. See group and individual track levels clearly on meters complete with peak level indicators. Adjust levels on any group of sounds from one multi-function knob. MASCHINE 2.0 delivers a new paradigm in signal routing. Unlimited sound groups let you manage even the most demanding projects. Two aux sends per channel let you freely route sounds anywhere in your project. Send them to a simple effect or route them to multiple effect chains across several channels.

MASCHINE MIKRO adapts to your workflow. 16 ultra-sensitive pads deliver groovebox feel with tons of power on tap. Get full velocity control, pad link, advanced note repeat, plus swing controls for sounds, groups, and the global project. Color-code your sounds and see your entire sonic palette at a glance. A clip-based pattern sequencer helps your ideas come together fast. Color-code your patterns for quick visual reference of parts. Edit patterns, nudge notes, change velocity, and more. An ultra-powerful step sequencer gives you another way to sculpt your grooves to perfection. Drop in sounds precisely where you want them and automate pitch, volume, LFO or any other parameter per step for incredibly intricate and musical results in record time.

What's New in Maschine
All-new MASCHINE 2.0  software is bursting with power. Find instruments, effects, kits, sounds, and samples fast with the spectacular tag-based visual browser – optimized for KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects. Get busy creating with unlimited groups and insert effects, and sidechaining. Then finish off your tracks with a sleek, intuitive mixer – all wrapped in a beautiful new user interface  and with full multi-core support.


Additional Info

Product Features
  1. Includes Massive Instrument
  2. 16 Color-coded Pads
  3. 28 Backlit Buttons
  4. Compact Design
  5. Usb Bus-powered
  6. Built-in Step Sequencer
  7. Export Pattern/audio To Daw
Catalog Number 21931
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Body Material (Top) N/A
Acoustic-Electric N/A
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Cutaway N/A
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