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YAMAHA YAMAHA Psrs650 Arranger Keyboard

YAMAHA YAMAHA Psrs650 Arranger Keyboard
  • 61 NOTE WKSTN.
SKU: 156825 Catalog #: PSRS650

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Expand Your Musical World

With high quality and wide variety of Voices and Styles plus FlashROM expansion to add even more, the PSR-S650 gives you all you need for performance and music creation. The PSR-S650 boasts a newly-enhanced Style performance engine with MegaVoice technology for ultra-realistic instrumental Style backing - especially with guitar sounds. It also features FlashROM Expansion to load Expansion Packs containing new audio samples, Voices, Drum Kits and Styles, a great way to expand your creative possibilities.

NEW! Voice & Style Expansion Pack - Mariachi & Norteño
The Mariachi, Norteño & TexMex pack, expands your PSR-S650 with an incredible and authentic collection of Voices, Styles, and Registrations. This pack contains 3 different categories of musical genres: the Mariachi with real Vihuela, Guitarron, Mariachi Trumpets and more; the Norteño with the accordions and Bajo Sexto that provide that iconic Norteño sound; and the TexMex that is influenced by the Norteño, but uses more contemporary instrumentation, a little more sophisticated harmony and syncopated drums. The new samples featured in this pack are used to build a variety of Mega Voices, used for programming the Styles and to make playable Voices for the performer to solo with. Also included in this pack is a number of Gritos (calls) and Chifidos (whistles), providing a high level of authenticity.
16 Voices, 18 Styles, 64 Registrations

Voice & Style Expansion Pack - Mexican Bands
The Mexican Banda Voice and Style Expansion pack expands your PSR-S650 with an incredible selection of all-new Voices, Styles and Registrations. Seven new Voices are authentic, high-quality recordings of professional musicians playing traditional Banda instruments like tuba, charcheta, tambora and many more. There's even a special "Gritos" kit containing over 60 unique vocal expressions, perfect for spicing up performances. 20 new Styles cover various genres of Banda from acoustic to electric to Duranguense. Also included is a set of Panel Registrations that contain a variety of splits for covering different parts, great for playing in a band.

Voice & Style Expandability
Thanks to Yamaha’s new Voice & Style Expansion contents for the PSR, players can take advantage of a wide and ever-increasing selection of regional, ethnic and traditional Voices and Styles. Load them to your PSR and instantly play authentic sounds, rhythm and backing in the musical style of your choice! *Expansion Packs will be available soon

MegaVoice Technology
Drawing on technology from the famous Tyros series, MegaVoice technology brings a new level of realism to the PSR-S650. The MegaVoices feature various playing articulations, techniques and performance sounds. For example, guitar MegaVoices can have hammer-on, slide and mute sounds to go along with soft, medium and loud sounds with strumming and fret noise, all at the same time. Put it all together in a Yamaha Guitar-Enhanced Style and enjoy some of the most astonishingly realistic, expressive accompaniment you've ever heard!

Wide Selection of Voices & Styles
The PSR-S650 provides an exceptionally wide variety of realistic sounding Voices in all instrument categories. With a total of 359 amazingly authentic instrument Voices (including 9 MegaVoices), and 181 accompaniment Styles, you can enjoy regionally unique music—and have more fun.

Scale Tuning
You can configure the keyboard’s tuning to match the music you're playing with one of the nine preset custom tunings, like Arabic or Pythagorean - or by creating your own!


Additional Info

Product Features
  1. Voice And Style Expandability
  2. Megavoice Technology
  3. Wide Selection Of Voices/style
  4. Scale Tuning
  5. Huge Built-in Voice Library
Catalog Number PSRS650




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