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ACCESS TI2 Snow Synth Sound Module

ACCESS TI2 Snow Synth Sound Module
SKU: 143706 Catalog #: TI2 SNOW

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Introducing the Virus TI synthesizers
Multiple award-winning hardware synthesizer with Total Integration plug-in technology

Unparelleled Sound - Having the right tools can totally unlock your imagination
The Virus is an icon in the history of electronic music, known for its excellent sound and outstanding presets.

Classic signature sound
Even though the Virus is truly multi-talented instrument with great range, you still instantly know it when you hear a it in a production. That’s because we really "get" synthesizer basics: outstanding oscillators, amazing filters and breathtaking effects.
Every part, even in multi-mode, comes with its own chain of independent effects (including reverb and delay). The massive voice count makes it possible to stack even complex sounds for the first time without breaking a sweat.

Future proof investment
Atomizer is our performance-oriented beat slicer, allowing you to play on your keyboard what others can only cut and paste inside their audio workstation. Features like this keep the Virus at the forefront of innovative sound design.
Music evolves and we evolve the Virus for you. Every day.

The beauty of being different
Virtual analog oscillators aside, the Virus TI offers an extensive range of musically exciting tonal building blocks. From wavetables, to hypersaw, to grain- and formant table oscillators, every single one was created with complete attention to detail, commitment to innovation, and a passion for musical potential.
That’s why the Virus TI can sound like a burning race bike on its way to hell or a choir of genetically enhanced tooth fairies. It’s just limited by your imagination.

Innovative designs
Often it’s the little things which make all the difference. Section Locking for instance is preset mutation on steroids. You select what you like in a patch, lock it,  and cycle through other presets to load only those aspects of the sound you want to explore changing. Imagine you were basing your lead melody around a user arpeggiator pattern and later in the game you realise that you want to keep the pattern but change the sound. Using Section Locking all you need to do is to lock the arp pattern and start browsing through your entire library to find something suitable.

More than 7000 great presets
As deeper instruments emerge many of us turn towards sound presets instead of building their own patches from scratch. We honour this tendency by giving you one of the largest free sound libraries anywhere, made by professional sound designers.
Even better, we make sure that all sounds officially released for the Virus TI are checked and refined by our internal sound design gurus first. This way we can assure that the sounds have a minimal CPU footprint and maximal flexibility with all sorts of controllers pre-assigned for your enjoyment.

Made to perform
Loads of tactile controls make the Virus TI a dream for performers and those who like to tweak sounds.

Tweaked for performance
We spend a great deal of time optimising the TI for performers. Studio players can automate a filter sweep until it sits right, but having controls that feel right to performers make the TI better for everyone, all the time. One of the reasons why many of us are drawn to vintage synthesizers is that the few hands on controls those had tend to be a joy when tweaked. That's why we fine tune every parameter in the Virus for performance.

Built like a tank
We take great pride in the Virus TI’s construction quality. Every unit is is engineered, built and assembled in Germany by specialists who know that musicians must truly be able to rely on their instruments. The entire housing is made of metal, ensuring road-worthy reliability, while overall weight is reduced with lighter materials for comfortable transport. On the road, a reduction in weight is a gain in the quality of life.

Ultra fast response
The TI is ultra fast. Whether just switching a menu or loading an entire multi mode patch, it always feels snappy. All menus are laid out for quick access to the most important parameters. What's more, they are context sensitive, so for instance you don’t have to bother with reverb parameters when the actual effect is not enabled.

Plenty of horsepower
During the development of the Virus TI range, we felt that in order to achieve the complexity on nowadays' production sound an enormously fast system would be needed. That's why, in difference to all Viruses before, the TI range utilises two parallel and highly specialised Freescale signal processors. With the Virus TI you don't have to re-assign effects in multi mode and think about how to share your reverb. Because every patch sounds exactly the same in multi and single mode.

Little extras make all the difference
The wooden side handles were specifically designed to give performers who make use of the pitch benden and modulation wheel extra grip. The pedal inputs are auto switching, so you don't have to worry about configuration when you need to borrow a pedal in a hurry.
The keyboard versions' LED logo on the back pulses in sync with the Virus' tempo, providing a visual metronome for the rest of the band to make live arpeggitor lines more enjoyable. The Virus can interpret the tempo of an audio source and sync to it in as little as one bar. From that point onwards, everything will stay in sync -- LFOs, delays, arpeggiators, the beat slicer and more.

The Virus in full effect
The Virus TI is not only a synthesizer; it is a full-fledged multi-effect processor with analog and digital inputs. Listen to the following examples which feature real bass, guitar and drums played through the Virus' FX engine. Of course the entire synthesizer engine works in parallel so you could play synth parts simultaneously.

Assignable knobs
Every virus patch allows you to connect your favorite sound shaping functions individually to three onboard assignable knobs. You can name these mappings appropriately and even assign multiple parameters to one knob for multi-axis real-time sound morphing.

Total Integration
Marry a virtual instrument plug-in with a hardware synthesizer and enjoy the most powerful combination possible.

A simple idea that changed the entire game
Since the arrival of software based sequencers and audio plug-ins, the production of electronic music has vastly changed. That's why we invented Total Integration which enables you to use your Virus TI hardware synthesizer just as you would use a software plug-in. Enjoy the raw horsepower and sound quality of a high end hardware synthesizer without taxing the CPU of your sequencer workstation. Total integration has the added benefit of storing your sounds directly in the project file, eliminating the need for sysex dumps and sound mismatch problems. Lastly, the technology allows sample accurate timing-- a first in the world of hardware synths.

The Best Of Both Worlds
Total Integration allows you to stream audio from the Virus TI directly to an audio channel. The benefits are obvious: crystal clear sound, sample accurate timing instead of a sloppy midi connection and total recall. All of the synth's controls are fully functional and automation is seamlessly simple. Once you work with Total Integration, you will wonder how you ever tolerated the old ways of working, between cable problems, messy MIDI message editing, loose timing, and lost sounds. Total Integration is a complete revolution in a single technology.

Get Organised
Virus Control is a comprehensive patch editor with a powerfully flexible browser. Managing thousands of patches becomes much less of a chore with categories and sophisticated search function, plus easy drag-and-drop style patch management. Virus Control truly accelerates the search for the right sound. The software automatically syncs with any connected Virus TI, eliminating hassle of data management. Your job is only to focus on what you were here first for: creating music.

Reduce Your Stress Levels
How many times have you opened an old project or song only to realise that the presets required are no longer available in the user memory of your synth? Or perhaps you had edited a patch to accommodate the specific requirement of a different song, only to discover that the change adversely affects your other works. "Total recall" puts an end to these troubles once and for all by automatically saving all patches and settings used in your song right within the project file. You are free to change any of the Virus' onboard sounds -- RAM or even ROM -- with zero chance of this causing problems later.

Refine Your Music
The hassle of 1980s MIDI production is the last thing anyone wants. That's why modern producers so enjoy the ease and power of plug-in effects and automation. Total Integration facilitates modern production techniques by streaming audio from the Virus TI directly into your favorite DAW, enabling you to refine the sound coming out of the Virus with your choice of plug-ins. In difference to less-developed USB-powered synths, the Virus is able to stream discreetly directly into our Virus Control plug-in instead of arriving at the audio inputs of the audio interface. Automation is just as easy, with control lanes for sound parameters at your fingertips.

Free software upgrades
Continuing Access policy of free feature updates since 1997. Several times each year. Virus synth owners getting big things in small packages.

The best things in life are free
Virtually unknown to hardware synthesizers before, free feature upgrades put Access very high on the list for complete customer care. We were the first company to releasing such product updates on a regular basis, always reinvigorating and in some cases reinventing our products without requiring owners to buy new products. This mutually beneficial model allows us to develop great products on long lasting hardware platforms while Virus owners enjoy the free ride.

We enjoy learning from you
Our model of continual evolution is based on the simple fact Virus users actively participate in the process of improving the products they already own. Again this is mutually beneficial since we don’t have to move to a new hardware revision in order to present you with features that provide renewed value and inspiration.


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